Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wireless Chains

For many years now, I've had a smart phone. An original Motorola DROID to be exact. The device has served me well for the years I've had it. But lately, I've been having some odd thoughts regarding it. I'm starting to see this phone as a burden. There are two aspects to this argument:
First, the phone is outdated, and it's beginning to slow down. Many times I find myself waiting for it to load, or boot up, or just work the way I want it to. To compound the misery, the phone is poorly designed. When I take a call, it's often hard to use. The phone's interface is right against my face, so I either end up pressing buttons accidentally, or moving the microphone away from my mouth. Though, I admittedly don't get that many calls. And finally, the battery dies very quickly. Replacing the phone, which is an option, will solve this problem for a while. But with the myriad of all the other reasons, that may not be enough to save this.
Second, I'm starting to feel tied down to this phone. We live in an era when being separated from a cell phone is not optional. Still, I often find myself depending on my phone more than what seems normal. Using internet and apps seems to be becoming an addiction of sorts. So I'm looking to server the source of the poison. I'm looking for a phone that would still have some of these features, but with more difficulty to do so.
So I'm contemplating getting a basic flip phone. I have my eye on one, and I'll probably be stopping by the store tomorrow to discuss my options. My primary concern is whether this is a good decision on my part, and by that, I mean whether I really want this. I've made decisions on impulse before, and they don't always work out. In the ideal situation, I'd be able to keep my smart phone, but it's connection would be severed. I would then have both a smart phone and a flip phone to switch between if one proves to be better than the other. I need to get more information. Hopefully from both experts and from friends.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Purpose and Intention

Lately, I've been under a great deal of stress. I am approaching the end of college career, which is compounding the normal stress of having finals and projects. Due to this stress, I've been unable to maintain my training to become a warrior. The lack of this training is starting to have negative effects on my mental status. But it has had the effect of helping me reorganize my priorities. I still value to ideals of the warrior, but I need to do what I'm capable of. I'm going to college to study engineering, and am hoping to go into a career in energy development. Training to become a warrior will still benefit me in my life, but I am not a soldier who's job it is to fight. My life and my work will involve the application of mathematics and physics, and I am well satisfied with that.
Once I pass my exams, graduate from college, and possibly find employment, I will be able to refocus on my warrior training. But until then, I need to focus my attention of what other's need of me. That is what a warrior does.

Sunday, April 22, 2012


I was talking to a friend of mine today about political parties. I will try to summarize it as close to how I can recall.
What I want to form the Stoic Party. This would be a party whose principal is to avoid selfishness. I want to form a party where people will pay their taxes and be productive rather than complain all the time.
My friend was in agreement with me on most points. I'm not asking that people be required to not complain or to avoid selfishness, but people who encourage it should be shunned by society. Admittedly, I'm in the low tax bracket, and I have never had to pay more than $100 in taxes. All other times, I've been receiving a refund. With this in mind, perhaps I don't have much business lecturing people in civil duty. Still, it is clear to me that taxes, which seems to be the primary complaint people have in the United States about their government, are a necessary component of our modern society. People who bring up the libertarian point of view and feel that privatization will solve all our problems I feel are not seeing the whole picture and are merely being greedy about their possessions. I often phrase it as that they want to make two cakes with one bag of flour. But this is a discussion for another day. I will bring this up again.
Ultimately, forming a political party is a goal of mine. I feel this is part of my civic duty by merit that you are commanded to try to make your society better. Though perhaps a political party is going too far at the moment. For the record, I am a liberal, but only because the conservatives in this country are too dishonorable. With that in mind, perhaps I should refocus my aim on forming a political organization. One not so much focused on promoting political ideology, but instead focused on promoting political ethics among both representatives and citizens. In reality, a two party system works fine when the populous is well informed and responsible. That's all I want out of this country and all others. I support many liberal positions, but I'm not asking other people to do so as well. Just take your responsibility as a citizen seriously and be reasonable in your actions. Is that too much to ask?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Do Not Disturb

On my way out of my house this morning, I noticed something. For a while now, I've been seeing a Robin around our front porch. But when I looked where the Robin left, I saw she was building a nest in a shelf on the porch.

Now, I am not one to bother someone who is just trying to live their lives. This is part of the reason I don't even swat mosquitoes anymore. Still, I imagine the Robin would find the in and out of our house to be a bad place to build a nest. For now, we have decided to not tear the nest down. I don't think the Robin would become aggressive and attack us as we leave the door. Also, it might be an interesting photo opportunity to see baby birds being raised. I'll post more as it happens.

Monday, April 16, 2012

What to do on an Off Day

For much today, I've felt a bit off. It's been hard to summon the energy to do the things I want, and I'm constantly stumbling on my progress. For the time being, I'm not sure what to make of this. Most likely, it's the dreary weather we had earlier today. It does tend to effect me more than the average person.With over cast skies and torrential rain pouring down, it is hard to find energy in that.
Still, it's unacceptable. A warrior should be one everyday. It is not fitting at all to be a warrior only in sunny skies. What will I do when my enemies attack in depth of my despair? Does that make my defeat more acceptable? I should be able to summon the discipline to get through something so trivial.
However, this is a problem. At the moment, the sun has come out and things are getting better. But I'm still off for the experience and am still having trouble. I guess since it's still early in my training, it's okay to be hampered by this obstacle for now. But I can't become complacent with it. The adage of "Just do it" isn't enough. There has to be something else that can get me going. I will need to think about this.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Recent Success

With some minor missteps, I have been making good progress lately. I attribute this mainly to a journal I've been keeping. In it, I've been recording such things as my exercises, eating habits, and how I maintain myself as a warrior. This is still a new thing for me. I sometimes forget to record certain important events. Sometimes I don't remember to carry it with me. I'm getting better at it though, and soon I'm sure it will be second nature to me, like my medallion. There are still other things I feel I need to record, but I will worry about those later.
So, for the time being, I've been doing well. I have been running in the morning and remembering to do push ups. In some respects, these remind me of what bad shape I'm in. Jogging a mile in 15 minutes, an average of 4 miles per hour, leaves me exhausted. My lungs are holding up, but my legs have a hard time handling the stress. Doing too many push ups tends to result in my arms becoming hard to move, and too much is barely 40 a day.
Of course, I tend to do things alone. I don't know if these are accomplishments to be proud of for someone in my condition. If I were to socialize with people in a similar situation, maybe I'd have a better understanding. But my desire to do things alone continues, so I may never know. But whether I am alone or in company, whether I'm doing well or if I'm under-performing, the important thing is to keep going. I need to continue these exercises and eating better food. And to this end, I will be recording much more in this journal.

Monday, April 9, 2012

The True Warrior

Above all else, I value the ideals of the warrior. The mythos of the noble hero is something I can never shake from my mind. As such, I am starting this blog to catalog my journey to properly understand what the warrior's philosophy means. I have tried many times in the past to attempt such feats, but they often end with some level of failure. While I cannot guarantee it, I will try to make this attempt more successful. 
It occurs to me that some of this may seem anachronistic; a bygone relic of a more savage time. But I disagree. The stoic ideals of the true warrior is one everyone can benefit from, and would improve the world greatly by it's application. The Warrior ideal is one where people will place the value of others above themselves. This is something that seems all too lacking in our modern world. People seem more concerned with selfish desires for wealth and comfort. No amount of these will make a person happy. Happiness comes from making others happy. The common man cannot appreciate this, but the warrior can. This is because the first thing s a warrior must consider is that he may one day lay down his life for their ideals. This act is ultimately free of selfish desires.
This is a brief summary of my idea of the True Warrior. I will have opportunity to expand on it as time goes on. It is my hope that whoever reads this will be similarly inspired to lay down their life for their ideals. And thus, my journey continues.