Sunday, April 22, 2012


I was talking to a friend of mine today about political parties. I will try to summarize it as close to how I can recall.
What I want to form the Stoic Party. This would be a party whose principal is to avoid selfishness. I want to form a party where people will pay their taxes and be productive rather than complain all the time.
My friend was in agreement with me on most points. I'm not asking that people be required to not complain or to avoid selfishness, but people who encourage it should be shunned by society. Admittedly, I'm in the low tax bracket, and I have never had to pay more than $100 in taxes. All other times, I've been receiving a refund. With this in mind, perhaps I don't have much business lecturing people in civil duty. Still, it is clear to me that taxes, which seems to be the primary complaint people have in the United States about their government, are a necessary component of our modern society. People who bring up the libertarian point of view and feel that privatization will solve all our problems I feel are not seeing the whole picture and are merely being greedy about their possessions. I often phrase it as that they want to make two cakes with one bag of flour. But this is a discussion for another day. I will bring this up again.
Ultimately, forming a political party is a goal of mine. I feel this is part of my civic duty by merit that you are commanded to try to make your society better. Though perhaps a political party is going too far at the moment. For the record, I am a liberal, but only because the conservatives in this country are too dishonorable. With that in mind, perhaps I should refocus my aim on forming a political organization. One not so much focused on promoting political ideology, but instead focused on promoting political ethics among both representatives and citizens. In reality, a two party system works fine when the populous is well informed and responsible. That's all I want out of this country and all others. I support many liberal positions, but I'm not asking other people to do so as well. Just take your responsibility as a citizen seriously and be reasonable in your actions. Is that too much to ask?

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