Monday, April 9, 2012

The True Warrior

Above all else, I value the ideals of the warrior. The mythos of the noble hero is something I can never shake from my mind. As such, I am starting this blog to catalog my journey to properly understand what the warrior's philosophy means. I have tried many times in the past to attempt such feats, but they often end with some level of failure. While I cannot guarantee it, I will try to make this attempt more successful. 
It occurs to me that some of this may seem anachronistic; a bygone relic of a more savage time. But I disagree. The stoic ideals of the true warrior is one everyone can benefit from, and would improve the world greatly by it's application. The Warrior ideal is one where people will place the value of others above themselves. This is something that seems all too lacking in our modern world. People seem more concerned with selfish desires for wealth and comfort. No amount of these will make a person happy. Happiness comes from making others happy. The common man cannot appreciate this, but the warrior can. This is because the first thing s a warrior must consider is that he may one day lay down his life for their ideals. This act is ultimately free of selfish desires.
This is a brief summary of my idea of the True Warrior. I will have opportunity to expand on it as time goes on. It is my hope that whoever reads this will be similarly inspired to lay down their life for their ideals. And thus, my journey continues. 

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