Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wireless Chains

For many years now, I've had a smart phone. An original Motorola DROID to be exact. The device has served me well for the years I've had it. But lately, I've been having some odd thoughts regarding it. I'm starting to see this phone as a burden. There are two aspects to this argument:
First, the phone is outdated, and it's beginning to slow down. Many times I find myself waiting for it to load, or boot up, or just work the way I want it to. To compound the misery, the phone is poorly designed. When I take a call, it's often hard to use. The phone's interface is right against my face, so I either end up pressing buttons accidentally, or moving the microphone away from my mouth. Though, I admittedly don't get that many calls. And finally, the battery dies very quickly. Replacing the phone, which is an option, will solve this problem for a while. But with the myriad of all the other reasons, that may not be enough to save this.
Second, I'm starting to feel tied down to this phone. We live in an era when being separated from a cell phone is not optional. Still, I often find myself depending on my phone more than what seems normal. Using internet and apps seems to be becoming an addiction of sorts. So I'm looking to server the source of the poison. I'm looking for a phone that would still have some of these features, but with more difficulty to do so.
So I'm contemplating getting a basic flip phone. I have my eye on one, and I'll probably be stopping by the store tomorrow to discuss my options. My primary concern is whether this is a good decision on my part, and by that, I mean whether I really want this. I've made decisions on impulse before, and they don't always work out. In the ideal situation, I'd be able to keep my smart phone, but it's connection would be severed. I would then have both a smart phone and a flip phone to switch between if one proves to be better than the other. I need to get more information. Hopefully from both experts and from friends.

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