Saturday, May 19, 2012

Going With (Or Against) The Flow

The tide of public opinion can be an odd thing at times. Take James Hellwig, better known to professional wrestling fans as The Ultimate Warrior. I am not a professional wrestling fan (any more), so my introduction to him was through the web company Channel Awesome and the That Guy With The Glasses Website. On that site, they were mainly poking fun at the Ultimate Warrior's venture into comic creation and how his mannerisms and speaking habits were extremely unusual. And I gather that many people agree with them.
However, I find his ways near inspiring. I'm not sure if the people of Channel Awesome were just making jokes or if they didn't get the metaphors and symbolism, but most of the Warrior's writing made sense to me. I've been meaning to find a copy of the actual comic if only so I can further analysis the writing.
Until then, I take comfort in knowing that the Ultimate Warrior is still around. I understand he is now a chiropractor (how ironic), but also posts a series of videos on Youtube. Once again, I find most of what he has to say inspiring. I find myself agreeing with him on the value of discipline and taking yourself seriously. In fact, I have set it up so that my three alarms (I have trouble getting up in the morning) will play sound clips from the Warrior's sermons. So far, they've proven very effective.

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