Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Serious Push Ups

Lately, inspired to do things properly, I've started to use a new form for push ups. I've been trying to do at least 40 push ups a day. Not all at once mind you; I'm still pretty weak. When I did these push ups, I was pretty sloppy. My feet would slide back to make my hands come above my head. I've since learned this is an ineffective way to do push ups. Not based on any research I've done, but rather on what I'm doing now.
Now, I've worked out a system to ensure I'm doing proper push ups. I start by standing straight up. I slide one foot back until my knuckles come to the floor by by other foot. I then slide my other foot back with the other one and now my hands are inline with my shoulders, or even behind them. Finally, I push up and down on my knuckles, since using my palms tend to hurt my wrists. I know this is a much better way to do push ups since before, doing 10 push ups in one set was fairly difficult. But doing it this way, I'm lucky if I can break 8 in a single sitting.
Doing it this way has certain disadvantages. For starters, getting 40 push ups a day is much more difficult. In fact, I haven't been able to break 20 since I began doing it this way last week. But the fact that it's more difficult means I'm getting more benefits out of it. So I'll keep at it, and keep trying to do more. That's about all I can do at this point.

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