Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bullets and Black Belts

With gun control and human safety being such a concern now, I feel like I should add my opinion to the story. While I see the appeal guns have in the movies and pulp fiction, I personally don't like them myself. Not because I value human life so much. In fact, the primary reason I dislike guns is because they don't seem that effective to me. For the purposes of self defense, guns don't work the way some may think. Guns jam, miss, and often run out of bullets. And the supposed ease of guns gives the impression that training is secondary to using the most firepower available.
It's something I actually find humorous when gun nuts talk about the right to own bigger and more powerful guns. In a showdown between a .50 caliber desert eagle and a .22 smith and Wesson, victory doesn't go to the man with the bigger gun. It goes to the man with better aim. The fact that some would assume otherwise is oy proof that many misunderstand what a gun even is.
If a person wants to feel safe in a dangerous world, I wouldn't recommend a gun. I'd recommend going to a dojo. A person with actual training, be it in hand to hand combat or in shooting straight holds a major advantage over one who only thinks he has.
The benefit of martial arts training is almost immeasurable. Not only is it good exercise, but hand to hand holds many other advantages. Your hands don't run out of ammo, they can be controlled after firing, hit a much larger target, and have much more capabilities.
Besides, martial arts are cooler than guns anyway.