Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Apartment - Post #1

On a more personal note for this blog, I've recently leased and moved into a new apartment. Some ups and downs aside, among the bigger problems I face is how to fill the space and where to put all my items. This apartment is huge for the price, so says my friend who helped me move my furniture. Indeed, I find myself all too thrilled by the wide open expanse, but still feel the need to limit it.

 For the first week, most of my books, electronics, and anything else were just sprawled across the floor. And there's still so much to move from the house of my parents. However, a solution has presented itself in an idea I had some time ago: That of using modular mesh cubes to quickly build shelves and pockets for my things. This idea originally was for a convenient and innovative way to house all my trophies, personal mementos from people I care about (none of which can be seen in these photos). This is what I referred to as my "Museum Idea". I'm still interested in using these cubes for that purpose, but for the time being, they serve as emergency shelves that may prove permanent in the near future.
The biggest question that plagues my mind is whether these wire frames can withstand the weight of heavier items. Namely, an HD Television Set that could weight up to 20 lbs. If the mesh can take this pressure, it would open up a very new path for my plans.
Something I've had in mind is to create a more solid platform for my electronics. To the right in the photo, you can see how I've organized my game consoles. My plan then for the left is to create a space for my Laptop, my external hard drives, and link them to a TV with an HDMI Cable. This would create a way for me to have a full range of use for my computer.
I do think I should get a more professional bookcase for my library, especially considering that this is only about an 1/8 of what it looks like at my house. And of course, I'll need more room for my museum when I get a chance to gather my trophies. But the biggest advantage for this is that I can make this as big or as small as I need, and the range of shapes and forms are also vast. If you'll draw your attention to the top left, you'll see I've already begun experimenting with the variance and have made a top opening basket there.