Thursday, May 29, 2014

To Love Women

The recent case of Elliott Rodgers has sparked a fierce debate on the role society plays in treating misogyny and what hating women means. I won't say by any means that sexism or gender inequality doesn't exist. I know it does. But what bothers me is when people begin to use cases like this to distort politics.

Elliott Rodgers hated women. He was a narcissistic and a chauvinistic pig. I'm not sad he died a virgin as he deserved worse. Now I've seen support coming from both sides. Some say like me that he should have no sympathy. Others are asking what could have prevented this. And there's a rare few who are cheering him on, but I'll ignore them for now. And ultimately, there's is no wrong opinion.

But this case has lead to many now saying that we as a society are encouraging such behavior. Maybe we are, but when you start blaming a Seth Rogen movie because a fat guy gets a hot girlfriend, you've gone too far. To say that the fictional success of an undesirable man lead to a mass murder only proves the killer right: women are creatures of desire to be treated as sex cattle. How ironic that a woman is inadvertently coming to the defense of a misogynist.

There at two sides to every story, and as the listener, is our job to be objective and not use creative interpretation to jump to conclusions. My back story is similar to Rodgers'. I was rejected by women for a long time. I was lonely for much of my life. But that did not drive me to kill. Stop blaming society for the actions of individuals unless you have hard evidence as opposed to conjecture.

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